Five ways to raise your children to be kind


A Harvard psychologist came up with this list to help parents raise children who value kindness — but it works for adults, too. 

1. Make caring for others a priority.

2. Provide opportunities for children to practice caring and gratitude.

3. Expand your child’s circle of concern.

4. Be a strong moral role model and mentor.

5. Guide children in managing destructive feelings. 

Activism is an engagement with the hauntings of history, a dialogue between the memories of the past and the imaginings of the future manifested through the acts of our own present yearnings. It is an encounter with the ghosts that reside within and inhabit the symbolic and geographic spaces that shape our worlds.
Juana Maria Rodriguez, Queer Latinidad: Identity Practices, Discursive Spaces. (via reclaimingthelatinatag)